About the Glenorchy Fun Run



The Glenorchy Fun Run is the main promotional event run by the Northern Suburbs Athletic Club each year with about 700 participants turning out in the middle of winter.  The event is the clubs largest fundraiser each year.  ​


The idea to hold a 5km and 10km fun run in the Northern Suburbs of Hobart was conceived by club members Mike Pace and Brian Sutherland in the early 90's with the first event in 1991.  The first few events were held as a celebration of Tasmania Day and the male and female winners were each awarded a large Tasmanian Medal.  


With a couple of course and month changes, the Glenorchy Fun Run has now found its place on the Tasmanian Fun Run Calendar in late July at the Derwent Entertertainment Centre.




10km Honour Role


1991:  Andrea Marquardt and Colin Oliver

1992:  Cherie Horne and Chris French

1993:  Megan McPherson and Colin Oliver

1994:  Andrea Marquardt and Gerry Oldfield

1995:  L. McLean and Damon Court

1996:  Elaine Marquardt and Chris French

1997:  Nicole Durant and Chris French

1998:  Kylie Risk and Colin Oliver

1999:  Cherie Horne and Colin Oliver

2000:  Fiona Sinnitt and Gerry Oldfield

2001:  Kathryn Lawes and Malcolm O'May

2002:  Kylie Risk and Brad Dyson

2003:  Kylie Risk and Brad Dyson

2004:  Kylie Risk and Grant Page

2005:  Anna Smee and Grant Page

2006:  Emma Weitnauer and Grant Page

2007:  Jessica Ireland and Grant Page

2008:  Angela Grimmond and Grant Page

2009:  Angela Grimmond and Grant Page

2010:  Melanie Daniels and Andy Allison

2011:  Melanie Daniels and Grant Page

2012: Melanie Daniels and Grant Page

2013:  Karen Watson and Grant Page

2014:  Melanie Daniels and Jordan Harries

2015:  Melanie Daniels and Grant Page

2016:  Meriem Daoui and Grant Page

2017:  Meriem Daoui and Grant Page

2018:  Meriem Daoui and Grant Page


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